Changes to Parish Weekend Mass Times


Much discernment has been given to how our MSC Priests move forward in managing the Pastoral and Sacramental needs of our diverse parish.

Given the declining number and health of our priests, Bishop O’Kelly has determined that the Weekend Mass Times below will now be implemented.

Starting next Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September, 2018

Weekend Mass times in our parish will be as follows:

Saturday     6.00pm Vigil Our Lady of the Manger Findon.

Sunday        9.30am Mass Sacred Heart Church Hindmarsh.

                     This will be a combined English/Italian Mass with the First Reading being  in Italian.

Sunday        11.00am  Mass Our Lady of the Manger Findon.

Sunday        7.00pm Charismatic Mass Sacred Heart Hindmarsh

We trust that in accepting this decision, we consider first and foremost the wellbeing of our MSC priests, and unite in supporting each other through these changes.

We must take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers whose generous Ministry continues to support our parish in a multitude of ways.

Your understanding of this change is appreciated.

As we navigate our future, our shared vocation is always to continue God’s Mission here on earth, and to be ‘the Heart of Jesus’ for each other.