The Sacrament of Marriage within the Catholic Church is the loving union of a husband and wife and expresses your belief that God supports you in your married life together. For a wedding in the Catholic Church at least one of the couple must be a Baptised Catholic. Couples planning to marry in the Catholic Church are required to participate in the Centacare Relationship Education Program. This is an important opportunity for you to stop and focus on your relationship prior to taking the commitment of marriage.

You are encouraged to book into the Relationship Education Program as soon as possible following your wedding booking with us. A meeting will then be scheduled for you to meet the Priest who will continue your Marriage Preparation and will be your Marriage Celebrant.

As part of your marriage preparation you are asked to reflect on God presence in your life, your future and of course, your marriage.

It is important that if either of you have previously been married in either a religious or civil ceremony, that you discuss this with us at the time of your initial enquiry.

Enquiries and Bookings with Centacare Relationship Education Program: (08) 8215 6700.

You may download our Parish Wedding Information Brochure below.

For a booking or more information on Marriage contact the parish office by:

Phone 8346 3901 (Tuesdays to Fridays) or email